RNN Group Launches New Course Guides

We have been promoting our course guides digitally for over three to four weeks and around the Colleges as the printed guides have arrived, but we now have a full set of guides and will be distrbuting these to schools over the next few weeks.  

View the Group’s course guides here

Rotherham College 2024-25 Course Guide Cover
Dearne Valley College 2024-25 Course Guide Cover
UCR Higher Education Prospectus 2024-25 image

This year we have some significant changes to our course guides

1 – The focus is on the subject over courses. We want to inspire students with the subject and then advise them on the course that is right for them. Did you know that over 75% of school leavers don’t know what they want to do for the rest of their life? So they may not know which course they should consider but know they enjoy a specific subject area. This is why our course guides now focus on subjects with inspiring narrative written by curriculum staff who are passionate about their subject area, as well as a list of courses and career pathways available.

2 – There is more of a focus on a whole approach to college life with emphasis on learner experience, sustainability, personal development, student support, wellbeing and trips and activities which we want to grow for next years course guides. All of these out of classroom activities support the development of ‘power skills’ formerly soft skills that employers are wanting to see in their workforce.

3 – Subject areas are classified under collective department area groups at each College to bundle up subjects within relevant subjects and areas of work.

4 – The T levels we offer are specifically highlighted with arrows throughout the guides.

5 – There is a big focus on skills programmes with information on T levels, Apprenticeships and HTQs.

In addition, our websites will allow students to apply for the subject, for those students who do not know what course is right for them, as well as courses if a student knows the path they wish to take.